About me

My name is Andres, also known as AP in the hobby card scene. I am a passionate collector and enthusiast of the trading card hobby, with a special focus on basketball cards. My love for the sport began at a young age and only grew stronger when my elder brothers introduced me to collecting basketball cards. In my mid-30s, I am now excited to start a hobby business where I can open boxes and packs for fellow collectors. I find joy in discovering hidden gems and am eager to embark on this new journey in the hobby card community.

I provide Basketball break-spots, break boxes live on my @YouTube Channel and share the highlights of each break on my Website and Instagram page @ap_cardcollector. This will give fellow hobby enthusiasts an opportunity to seek for cards or team/s they are interested in and to also keep them updated on new hobby box releases. However, I plan to expand my offerings by including other sport types, merchandise, gear and accessories in the near future.

I take pride in offering a comprehensive range of box breaks, catering to the varied interests of my audience, ranging from low-end options to high-end products. My live streams are not only about opening boxes, but also about sharing the excitement with one another. If you're a fan of trading cards and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, give my Instagram page (@ap_cardcollector) a follow, subscribe to my YouTube Channel (@apbreaks), be sure to tune in whenever I go live and let's all take this journey of discovering hidden gems together.

Yours truly,
Andres / AP